Guest Editor’s Note

I asked Felicia if I could pen this issue’s Note, as I am stepping down from the Popular Culture Review after three years as Associate Editor. I have enjoyed working on the journal, encouraging fellow conference goers to submit in fields a bit outside our traditional fare, like law and music, and being supported by the fantastic team at Westphalia Press as we designed a new online site, worked to diversify cover art, and improved other aspects like layout and copyediting. It has been a great experience, and I’m happy to hand over my role to the next PCR supporter knowing that we have a really strong system in place.

In the current issue, we have a wide variety of articles that continue to draw upon the wealth of connections between popular culture and various mediums. Regina Judge’s “Twitter in the Courtroom” examines social media, real-time reporting, and courtroom etiquette at a cross section. Senne Schraeyen reminds us that Susan Sontag’s “Melancholy Object” continues to influence social perspectives, and William and Patricia Kirtley examine the art and architecture of Las Vegas’ Guardian Angel Cathedral. Historian David Schwartz delves into the literary body of Mario Puzo, highlighting the connections between capitalism, gambling, and cynicism. Kenneth Payne explores Algernon Blackwood’s gothic tales from a perspective of extreme forms of extra-sensory perception.

We have several articles on films this issue: Todd Giles’ piece on the film adaptation of American Psycho offers a retrospective look at American masculinity in the 1980s. Isa Flores gives us an eco-critical reading of Darren Aronofsky’s film mother!, while Carl Rollyson scrutinizes Falkner’s The Left Hand of God, and Seth Vannatta offers a Freudian-Marxist analysis of Jordan Peele’s Us. We are also happy to include four book reviews that present contemporary scholarship on aspects of music and memory in culture.

As always, this issue of PCR offers slivers of inventive scholarship on popular culture studies from around the world, and we’re happy to present it to you this summer.

Heather Lusty, PhD, JD

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