PCR is the refereed journal of Far West Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, sponsored by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The journal is published twice yearly by Westphalia Press, and indexed in the MLA Bibliography.

The journal was founded by Felicia F. Campbell almost three decades ago, a natural extension of the Far West PCA Annual Convention, held every February in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Far West PCA just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The journal accepts submissions year round on all aspects of popular culture worldwide, as well as on American culture. We encourage approaches and submissions from all academic disciplines, and welcome examinations of the video game, music, and comic fields in addition to the more traditional literary and sociological fare.

If you are interested in subscribing to Popular Culture Review, please contact the Associate Editor at popularculturerevieweditor@gmail.com for information.

Articles published do not represent the opinions of the editorial board or the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and are not the legal responsibility of the Popular Culture Review.

ISSN: 1060-8125