Campbell Award

Felicia Campbell’s Innovative Contributions to Popular Culture Studies Award

Each year, at its annual conference in Las Vegas, the Far West Popular Culture Association will present Popular Culture Review’s Felicia Campbell Memorial Innovative Contributions to Popular Culture Studies Award.

The award recognizes original, innovative, and multidisciplinary studies in popular culture that contribute to the general body of scholarship in new ways, expanding the boundaries into new disciplines and public spaces. Popular Culture Review receives and publishes scholarship from a wide variety of fields, including, but not limited to, law eco-criticism, literature, film & television studies, video games, music, gambling, sociology, civil engineering and architecture, the sciences, gender studies, and beyond.

The editorial staff of Popular Culture Review will seek out potential candidates for the award and is also happy to receive nominations of potential candidates. We are especially interested in new, innovative, and diverse voices working in popular culture studies. Please send all inquiries to

The 2021 FWPCA conference will be held virtually on February 20, 2021. The winner will be invited to give a keynote speech as part of the conference’s opening session.

Westphalia Press, publisher of Popular Culture Reivew, is happy to invite each year’s winner to select up to ten (10) titles from their publications catalog (