Campbell Award

Felicia Campbell’s Innovative Contributions to Popular Culture Studies Award

Each year, at its annual conference in Las Vegas, the Far West Popular Culture Association will present the PCR’s “Innovative Contributions to Popular Culture Studies Award.” The award recognizes original, innovative, and multidisciplinary studies in popular culture that contribute to the general body of scholarship in new ways, expanding the boundaries into new disciplines and public spaces.  We regularly receive and publish scholarship from a wide variety of fields, including, but not limited to, law eco-criticism, literature, film & television studies, video games, music, gambling, sociology, civil engineering and architecture, the sciences, gender studies, and beyond. The award committee welcomes submissions from scholars and researchers at all levels, without restriction, in any area of study that contributes to studies of popular culture in any combination of fields and approaches.

Applicants may submit to, with CV of publications and presentations they wish considered, and a 250-word abstract summarizing applicant’s body of work, specifically addressing how the work contributes to an underrepresented field of study that transects with popular culture. The deadline for each annual award consideration is Dec 31.

Recipients will be notified in advance of the annual Far West PCA conference (February), where the award will be bestowed. In addition to a commemorative medal presented during the Keynote lunch (and two night’s accommodation at conference hotel), Westphalia Press is happy to invite each year’s winner to select up to ten (10) titles from their publications catalog (