Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2020

From the Editor’s Desk
Felicia Campbell

“Sad But True”: Why Metallica’s Fans Continue to Fail Them (and Not Vice Versa)
Twenty Years After the Napster Lawsuit
Tracy Reilly

Police Body-Worn Cameras: We See What You See, But Is it Helping?
Elenice DeSouza Oliveira and Reginia Judge

Robert Eggers’ The Witch: A Feminist Folktale of Fear and Floating
H. Peter Steeves

Entertainment as Education:
Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Eytan Fox’s 2004 Film Walk on Water
Erika Engstrom

The X-Fantastic
Daniel Ferreras Savoye

Ambassador of Cajun Music: Jimmy C. Newman,1927-2014
Michael Green

Octavia in Vegas: Teaching Octavia Butler in a Las Vegas Classroom
Briana Whiteside

“But If It Dies, It Produces Many Seeds”:
Ritual Sacrifice in the Film Midsommar and the Spanish Bullfight
Danielle Meijer

Archetypal Development in One Body, One Image:
Female Theatricality in Tennessee Williams’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”
Raluca Comanelea

The Princess is a Whore
Erin Fleet

Book Reviews

Review of The Lemonade Reader: Beyoncé, Black Feminism and Spirituality
Alexis Noel Brooks

Review of Bright Signals: A History of Color Television
James Altman

Contributor Bios