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Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 2018

Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 2018

“Space Race”
Peter Steeves

“‘Here You Are at Last, in a Ruined and Drowning World’: The Dishonored Series as Environmental and Social Commentary”
Amy Green

“Black Belt and Blue Water: The Vigorous Lives and Presidencies of Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt”
Max J. Skidmore

“When in Rome Caesars Palace: The First Themed Casino in Las Vegas”
Patricia M. Kirtley and William M. Kirtley

“Seasonal Ethnic Celebrations at Disney California Adventure from 2012 through 2017”
Maureen Salsitz

“Casting a Wider Lasso: An Analysis of the Cultural Dismissal of Wonder Woman Through Her 1975-1979 Television Series”
Ian Boucher

“Written Text to Oral Presentation”
Luc Gugleimi

“Why Mario Works: Super Mario as Transformative Icon for the Working Class”
Chris Williams and Brady Simenson

“Defining a Life”
Lorna Gibb


Book Reviews

Blasian Invasion: Racial Mixing in the Celebrity Industrial Complex (Race, Rhetoric, and Media Series) by Myra S. Washington
Kim Idol

Epistrophies Jazz and the Literary Imagination by Brent Hayes Edwards
James Altman

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