Volume 30, Number 2, Summer 2019

Letter From the Editor
Felicia Campbell

Side 3, Side 2: The Beatles in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
Steven Hamelman

Space at the Con: Conversations About Representation in Popular Culture at Comic Conventions
Debra E. Jenson

What’s lit got to do with it? Deconstructing the Carl Sandburg Home Historic Site
Alana N. Seaman

Dating in the Digital Age: A Research Experiment
Marci Mazzarotto

Fake News and Failed Friendships: An Analysis of Trump, Pecker, and the National Enquirer
William M. & Patricia Kirtley

“We Know the Way”: Culture-Nature Relationship in Moana
Colby Y. Miyose

Has True Romance Disappeared in Consumer Society? A Morinian and Baudrillardian Reflection of the Acute Crisis of Simulation
Keith Moser

Dante, the Gothic, the Abject, and the Grotesque in Mathieu Missoffe’s Thriller-Crime Drama Black Spot
Richard Logsdon

I am Trying Hard to Follow the Sound: Meditations on Accepting Typhoon’s Offerings
H. Peter Steeves

Religions Across Television Genres: Community, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, and Supernatural
Jarret Keene

Squee from the Margins: Fandom and Race
Erika Abad

Television Comedy and Femininity: Queering Gender
Clayton N. Cobb

Gender, Science, and Authority in Women’s Travel Writing
Heather Lusty

Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific
Julianna Crame

The Paris Husband
Carl Rollyson