We are sad to announce the passing of Popular Culture Review’s founder, Felicia F. Campbell.
Born in Cuba City, Wisconsin, her life took her to the Marine Corps, University
of Wisconsin, the base camp of K2, Las Vegas where she worked as a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for 58 years, and was their longest serving faculty member. She taught numerous and innovative courses for the English Department at UNLV and was beloved by her students. She devoted her life to making the world a better, more inclusive, place.


Table of Contents

Guest Editor’s Note
Heather Lusty

Twitter in the Courtroom: Do You Object?
Regina Judge

Susan Sontag’s Melancholy Object in the Wake of (Post-)Postmodernism:
A Case Study of the Portrait of Klein by Hannah Diamond
Senne Schraeyen

Where Angels Tread:
The Art and Architecture of Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, Nevada
Patricia M. Kirtley and William M. Kirtley

Pitiless Cruelty: Cynicism, Capitalism, and Gambling in the Writing of Mario Puzo
David G. Schwartz

Hearing Things, Seeing Things:
The Extension of Human Faculty in Algernon Blackwood’s The Damned (1914)
Kenneth Payne

“Surface, surface, surface was all that anyone found meaning in”:
American Psycho and the Pictures Generation
Todd Giles

Mother Earth: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Aronofsky’s Mother!
Isa Rehana Flores

William Faulker’s Film of Redemption: The Left Hand of God
Carl Rollyson

The Return of the Repressed (and Oppressed):
A Freudo-Marxian Analysis of Jordan Peele’s Us
Seth Vannatta

Book Reviews

Review of Reel Latinxs Representation in US Film and TV
Erika G. Abad

Review of Remembrance of Things Present: The Invention of the Time Capsule
John Hay

Review of In the Balance: Indigeneity, Performance, Globalization
Francis Aquino

Review of Black Lives Matter and Music: Protest, Intervention, Reflection
Shelby Humphreys

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